Металлический дом в Канаде

Резиденция Пламерстон (Palmerston Residence) в Канаде от Mehran Mansouri.

Этот дом, выполненных в металлических конструкциях, построен на живописном участке с панорамным видом на Тихий океан.

В нём три этажа, четыре спальни и плоская крыша с видовой террасой.

В настоящее время дом продаётся по цене $ 4,3 млн. канадских долларов.

Название: Резиденция Пламерстон (Palmerston Residence)
Расположение: Западный Ванкувер, Британская Колумбия, Канада
Архитектура: Mehran Mansouri
Общая площадь: 348 м2
Фото: Mehran Mansouri
Источник: Homedsgn

В этом проекте интересно: простая форма, надёжная конструктивная схема, эффектный «хайтековский» фасад, богатый ландшафт.

[spoiler]The Palmerston Project is the presentation of an imagination that consists of modern sensuality alongside luxury situated in West Vancouver, BC, Canada with a 180o view of the Pacific Ocean. At the very core, this project was built on a steel structure to be able to withstand natural disasters. The house consists of three levels placed on a 8400 sq. ft. site with just under 4000 sq. ft. of finished living space.

The main floor consists of a large open-space living room utilizing the full width of the building, brightened by over-size sliding doors on the south side of the house overlooking the water, with the linear kitchen situated at the north side of the space. The bottom floor consists of an entertainment room, indoor cinema, and the 4th bedroom.

At the top floor of the house, you will find 3 bedrooms, all with en-suite bathrooms. Two features of the project include a large 1200 sq. ft. deck overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and a waterfall on top of the full-concrete garage.

We aspired to bring warmth to modern architecture with the use of natural materials in addition to integrating all city restrictions to our advantage through the efficient use of space.[/spoiler]

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